The Stanglerhof - farm, culture, food and more ...

The “Stanglerhof” is one of the oldest farms in St. Konstantin, part of the district of Fié allo Sciliar. After a decade-long hibernation during which the farm was used as a family summer house, the “Stanglerhof” is finally used again for agricultural production, with the cultivation of black currants and the production of various syrups as the backbone. Using natural and traditional materials (straw, wood and clay) combined with a modern design language, the barn was converted into a tavern with of a different nature. The motto “local, open, fresh” holds not only for the food but also for the events held at the farm. Concerts, art exhibitions, markets and movie screenings complete the “Stanglerhof” activities.

The Stanglerfamily composed of Clara, Heiner, Alma and Louisa is keeping the boat sailing checking every now and then if the course is right. If the wind is changing sometimes they also love to see something new and just drift wherever it leads them. They are accompanied on longer and shorter stretches of this path by Raphael, Aiwuyor, Arno, Matthi, Max and may others who have left their mark on the Stanglerhof converting it into what it is now. Their gratitude is offered to all the folks who spent time, creativity and energy on the farm. They are now spread from Shanghai to Halle, Berlin, Zürich, Vienna, Pressath, Sevilla or Rotterdam ... and follow the Stangler as Satellites.


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